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Things To Know About Each Version

About Fazu 1.0

  • Uses old SunThan Search Tool results page.
  • Hosted on Neocities by me, EthanF44.
  • Uses the Tomodachi Collection Town Hall Dots background.

  • SunThan

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    Things To Know About Each Version

    About SunThan Version 0.A

  • Uses DuckDuckGo instead of proprietary search engine.
  • There is no logo on the search engine.
  • There is no copyright year.
  • About SunThan Version 1.0

  • Uses proprietary search engine instead of DuckDuckGo.
  • Added logo to search engine.
  • Added copyright year to search engine.
  • Added links to search engine.
  • About SunThan Version 2.0

  • Option for dark mode. (Version 2.0 Dark)
  • New logo representing SunThan 2.0
  • Based off of Google 1999
  • Removed clutter from page.
  • Longer search bar.
  • About SunThan Experimental

  • Search page and results combined.
  • Back to Main Page link removed.
  • About SunThan Version 3.0

  • Based off of Google 2009.
  • Links added/brought back.

  • © 2020 Fazu

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